14 September 2009

Open Mic Sunday (13th Sep)

Wow! What a great night. It was quiet in terms of numbers but I think that allowed it to become personal and relaxed.  Everyone had enough person space to stay calm.  We were short of acts but the community really pulled together and made a great night happen and by the end I was actually rushing to fit everyone in.  Toward the early stages of the night (about 9:20) I announced on stage that we were short of acts, I explained that sometimes this happens and asked the audience what we could do to make some entertainment happen. In response to me announcing this a few people phoned their mates, a couple of performers who had not planned to play had their arm twisted and got up on stage.  Most bizarrely of all, Jo (a manager at P5th), Josh and Paul (bar staff/musicians) decided that to help out the shortage situation one of them would get up on stage, read a poem topless and drink a shot of rum, the lucky contestant was chosen with the traditional art of paper-scissors-stone.

I also took the oportunity to improve my own performance by asking Jack 2 Jack (a college band) to perform a few of my poems.  I had never heard anyone read my writing and was intrigued to discover what music would fit it.  I then tried reading one myself to their musical backing.  It was a valuable experience.

Steve, David, Asher, Mark and Adam were all guys not planning to play but their raw and honest performances gave the night a really personal feel and the audience responded accordingly. Fantastic!

So thank you Taunton for making sure everyone in the Perfect 5th went home smiling last night, I know I did.