21 September 2009

Open Mic Sunday 20th September 2009 at The Perfect 5th, Taunton

Last night was another quiet one in terms of bodies but again, like last week, the atmosphere was warm and welcoming and those who were there stayed right until the end making for an intimate close friends kind of feel.  I was pondering aloud on the subject of a less-than-packed room with Dave Marrow who observed that actually the energy is nicer and I responded "Yeah! Maybe people don't always want a packed venue on a relaxing Sunday.  Maybe they desire lots of personal space and room to breathe".

There were lots of highlights on the night as the video demonstrates but by far the most special moment for myself was when I made my drumming début.  On previous Open Mics the only man available to provide percussive backing to rappers and solo singer-songwriters has been Gary, who, bless his cotton socks, has a tendency to hog the sound somewhat.  But last night, feeling unpressured by the small audience, I was brave enough to get up on the kit and lay down a simple hip hop beat for Dave Marrow.  Nothing fancy, no variation, just the same beat that I learned by listening to Dr Dre's Big Egos and tapping my hands on my computer desk.  Doing the beat myself also gave me the ability to instantly stop the beat, feed Dave another freestyle topic and then kick the beat straight back in again.  This kept the performance fluid and pacey, allowed Mr Marrow to get in the zone and ultimately resulted in a well entertained audience.

I hope to see you there this Sunday!