22 November 2009

Open Mic Night at Soul Cellar, Southampton


I was in Southampton yesterday visiting my friend Alice and while meandering between bars and shops we managed to scout out the local Open Mic night.  It runs every Tuesday from 8pm til Midnight in a venue called the Soul Cellar.  I popped in to snap a photo of the venue which looks pretty nice with a 3 foot elevated stage framed with traditional red curtains, what I assume are a house drum kit and amps, wood beam floor, local graff' art on the walls, coloured par lights and a sound desk positioned in the centre of the room for optimum levelling.  I did not actually witness a gig in progress nor the Open Mic night but the flyer states the following.

"Any performance type welcome!  From Musical to Comedy, Performance art to Poetry!"

Which sounds like my kind of ethos.  Lets hope their wide spectrum of acceptance is utilised by a variety of acts and that they do not suffer under the inevitable and self-automating force of overwhelming hoards of solo acoustic cover acts.  The town has 2 Universities, one of which is art based so I am expecting not.

I shall be cruising down there one Tuesday evening to drink a few beers, enjoy the performances and perform a little of my own poetry too.  As always the 3 spare seats in my car are on offer to my buddies and fellow performers.