2 December 2009

My new Open Mic Night Finder

Open Mic Finder Screenshot

I am building a little application that I think will be useful to many people if I manage to get it up the Google ranking.  I love travelling to towns or cities and checking out the local open mic night.  I think it's a good finger on the pulse of a location's culture.  But the amount of reliable information on the net is frustratingly small.  So this is my attempt to provide a tool that works.  A key feature you will notice is dates of when details were edited which should render the tool self-deprecating in the event of info becoming out-dated.  Unlike all the other sources out there who could be sporting 6 year old information and the visitor would be none the wiser. Users of my tool will know how fresh the data is!

There is also functionality built in for address details, venue phone numbers, Google Maps, YouTube videos and photos of the stages.  The pages are optimised for printing and Google ranking so if you like a page please post a link to it from your website or blog.

So please take some time to check out my Open Mic Finder and let me know what you think?