16 January 2010

Open Mic at Mr Wolfs – Wed 13th Jan ’10

Last night I popped up to Bristol with Joel Tait.  We ate noodles at Mr Wolfs and then performed at their Open Mic.

The first piece of spicy beef reminded of the food in Shanghai.  My Chinese friend referred to dishes like that as 'westernised' because they had more than 1 flavour/texture in a bowl.

Our performances were good.  The soundman at Mr Wolfs is a bloody clever bloke and showed us a trick of how to mic-up acoustic guitars (like Joel's nylon strung classical) without getting feedback.  He placed 2 dynamic microphones at 45 degree angle to the guitar body (90 degree angle to each other).  The sound was warm and clear with plenty of volume and no feedback.  I performed my first set sans paper.  In accordance with my new years resolution, I recited 3 of my poems from memory.  However I did have Joel sat just off stage-right acting as understudy when I forgot a line.

The rest of the night was excellent with some clearly well integrated members of the community dominating the stage like it was second nature.  A funky, reggae, poppy band formed with female lead vocalist and an occasional rapper (propped up with a crutch).  They all seemed to know each other and know exactly what each other's talents were.  As each person entered the stage the singer turned hostess and commanded a round of applause to welcome them.  It was a proper slick operation that sounded great. Plus I found it a breathe of fresh air to see a confident female on stage.





While at Mr Wolfs we met up with a couple of Joel's Bristol friends, Daphne and Elen.  At about 10:30 Joel wanted to track down a professional Spanish guitarist that he'd seen play at the Leftbank Open Mic in Stokes Croft.  So we all headed there for the last couple of hours of the night.  I arrived back home at 2 am and slept well.