6 February 2010

Dishonesty Themed Open Mic Night Coming Tomorrow

Tomorrow will be a themed Open Mic Night.  And the theme is Dishonesty.  I have written this little nugget of inspiration to get performer's mojo's working...

Make your performance about lieing, cheating, deceiving, skulduggery, rapscallionism, unholy scoundrelous and villainous behaviour. Dedicate your whole performance to the subject or just include a token reference, it's up to you. This is the week before valentines day, a time when filthy blagharts and harlots start sweating in their britches with guilt. New years resolutions have long faded and Christmas cheer is firmly buried under a thick layer of post-indulgence dust.

I am producing 2 pieces of performance for the event; 1 serious and 1 funny.  The serious one is set to music (not my own) which will be a first for me.  I've tried to avoid going to "Scroobius Pip" in my style but it seems I am just learning the lessons that he has and thus arriving at the same conclusions.  I experimented last week reading my poetry to Joel's flamenco guitar backing and found that the slight and subtle rhythmic ambience was enough to hold the audiences attention in those pauses and moments when poetry often loses them.  The words I was reading were not as good as my usual poetry but the applause I got reflected otherwise.  As if an audience clap a performer's ability to distract them more than their ability to educate them.  Woah!  That was a fresh tasting blast of inspiration.

So I hope to see you down at the Perfect 5th, Taunton from 7 o'clock tomorrow (Sunday).

P.S.  I will not be hosting open mic on Sunday Feb 14th Feb.  The Perfect 5th are putting on a special valentines event with live band the Night Owls.  This will continue until 10 o'clock and then it's a miniature open mic from 10 til midnight which will be hosted by P5th manager, Jo Quartly.