29 March 2010

Capitalist Pig Night 2010 Coming Soon

Next Sunday (4th April) is a themed open mic night at The Perfect 5th.  It's Capitalist Pig Night where every performer has to include a sales pitch.  You can take it seriously and sell your CD, book or artwork, or you can make a joke and sell something weird.  Fixed price or auction style. It's entirely up to you and how creative you want to get with it.

Feel free to take it even further and theme your performance around the subject of money taking either a serious or a humorous stance. Remember it's car boot season so a guaranteed way to have fun is to find the strangest instrument, children's book or percussive instrument you can and use it in your performance and then sell it off afterwards.  Of course you don't have to sell something physical, you can sell a concept or a promise/dedication.  The only limit is your imagination.

Please note, this night is not for charity, it is proper hardcore genuine capitalism and performers can use this to make real cash. Last year prices ranged from 20 pence to £11.

This theme was very successful last year and I'm expecting lots more creative interpretations this time round.  Check out this video of last years Capitalist Pig Night...

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