5 May 2010

Cover of Class Actions

Earlier today Aslan Ak posted his latest political rap piece on my Facebook wall.  The anti-conservative parody is typical content for the extreme leftist act Click here to view David Cameron by Class Actions. Spouting hatred for thatcherism and set to a 90s synthpop house instrumental it was familier territory for the group.

Which lead me to thinking...  your typical tory-boy is not going to listen to a thumping house beat with aggressive vocals.  If Aslan's goal is to convert beliefs, then using a style established in an already lefty society is ineffective.  A more subversive way to sway votes would be to present your leftist reasoning in a form that is familier to a rightist voter.  Of course this is all speculation - I don't know if Aslan is wanting to sway votes - and actually digresses from the topic of this post.

I started considering how many styles one set of lyrics could be presented in.  Regular open mic'ers Andy and Chris did an acoustic cover of Do You Feel Safe, the original of which is quite different.

With the instrumental stripped down to a minimalist acoustic riff, Andy's added in his own lyrics and used his Glaswegian dontgivafuck style vocal to make the song his own.  It went down very well at open mic amongst those who got the reference.  Andy writes his own poems and his usual reading style has a relaxed but confident drive behind it.  Click here to view Andy reading in his own style. However, on this cover he sounds a little unsettled, a result that I put down to the fact that he's mimicking Aslan's shoutrap style.

So what if the lyrics were hardly modified at all but the rhythm and reading style was altered.  I visited the band's website at www.classactionsuk.com/, got hold of the lyrics and decided to have a go at doing my own interpretation in the style I would read my own poetry...

(embedded video may not be visible if reading this post via Facebook.  Click here to view original post.)

I make a fair few cock ups and the recording is technically not that great but I enjoyed doing it.  I found it refreshing to hear Aslan's words outside the context of a shouty rap song and it was a good opportunity to get my acting skills out.  I tried to visualise the image behind each lyric and feel the emotion.  It took me 6 attempts before I recorded the version that eventually made it's way to YouTube.

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