9 June 2010

Poetry Stage was tough but successful

The poetry stage was a success.  I painted a sign that sat on the stage all day advertising start times of 12 and 3 so the audience could gather in preparation.  This was in contrast to last years set up of relying on 'chance'.  People who were interested in poetry could choose to be there at the fixed start times.

Unfortunately my brain had done it's usual trick of missing a hugely important and obvious fact.  I had failed to notice that the day was called Family Fun day and not Inappropriate adult material poetry day.  I quickly introduced sensorship of the swearwords but left all subject matter the same.  I avoided reading Pinnochiophile and Honey Drug.

The performers were myself, Dave Marrow and Rupert Green.  We performed in a rally, each stepping up to perform a poem in turn.  So the audience were treated to a lively and constantly changing array of styles that went on for a solid 30 minutes.

Main lesson learnt from this is that I need to write some material for children.  I started my poetry by writing gritty social commentary.  I then tackled love poems.  I can do children's stories next.  I want to keep my adult stuff for adult situations and my family stuff for family events from now on.  Where's my pen?