27 June 2010

My DJ set of 2010

Yesterday afternoon, at a friend's annual garden party, I played my 1 and only DJ set of the year.  Mostly consisting of new music from the last year it's 1 hour and 5 minutes of chilled-out sunny garden afternoon tunes.  Starting with down tempo world music, then into minimal dubstep wrapping up with a section of acoustic loveliness and then cherry-topped with the very soul healing New Days Dawn by Slacker.  Here's the set list, I've provided links to YouTube videos where available.  Hopefully every track will be new to you and you will love every one as much as I do.  If not, I will try harder next year.

Down tempo world music

Minimal dupsteppy slash electronica type stuff

Acoustic loveliness

If you only have time to click on one of these videos I thoroughly recommend looking at Various Productions - Hater.