11 January 2011

Firefox overtakes IE proving creative people are defenders of freedom

I just wanted to share with you this screenshot of my Google Analytics account showing visitor data for my website http://openmicfinder.co.uk.  I was pleasantly surprised to see Firefox has now taken over as the most popular internet browser amongst users of the website.  However, I can catagorically say that all the other websites I work on (that's over 20) still show Internet Explorer to be the most used browser.

So how can we read this?  Well, if we assume that Open Mic Finder will be predominantly used by the creative community then what does this say about them?  By dividing the top 4 browsers into two groups: those that come pre-installed on computers and those that do not, then we have 49.66% of users having never changed their browser (ie. are using Internet Explorer or Safari) and 47.57% having taken time to change their browser (ie. are using Firefox or Chrome)*.

In my opinion, 50-50 is a much healthier proportion of the community making a consider choice about what software they use.  And remembering we are looking at the creative community here, I could then argue that creativity leads to freedom, if we are to follow the idiom that choice equals freedom.  The arts are indeed important.  Maybe their success is intangible in an everyday business model. But if my train of logic is at all accurate, the knock-on effects of artistic endeavour are key to happiness.

(* Assuming nobody researched the choices available and then made the decision to return to the browser that came pre-installed)