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30 January 2018

Krishnan Guru-Murthy’s Tie – 30th Jan 2018

It's been nearly 7 years since Krishnan rocked his attention-grabbing, machine-gun-toting cherub tie in the blue-on-pink colourway on Channel 4 news. Well tonight, thanks to a comment on that 2010 blog post, I was alerted to the fact that he's a return customer at kick-ass tie retailer, Gresham Blake.… Read more »
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5 January 2016

Book: Blink by Malcolm Gladwell

Blink sucked me in with the opening paragraphs telling whimsical tales about the psychology of art forgery and gambling. Then - just when I'd settled into the mindset of a glamourous George Clooney heist movie - I suddenly found myself neck-deep in military tactics, autism, police shootings, subconscious gender and racial bias and I actually felt a bid sad by the end.… Read more »
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17 June 2013

Bristols Biggest Bike Ride 2013

"This is what motorways will look like when we run out of oil" I joked. But seriously, the pleasure of cruising along a wide stretch of road, surrounded only by other peddle powered vehicles is bliss. Bristol's Biggest Bike Ride took place yesterday (Sunday 16th June) and it's the most peaceful gathering of 5000 people […]… Read more »
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20 January 2013

Werthers Original Vodka

Stick 330 grams of Werthers Original butter candy in with a litre of triple filtered vodka and wait a couple of weeks. If you're a graphic design geek, make a label too.… Read more »
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11 July 2012

Cheap bicycle repairs and second hand bike parts in Bristol

I prefer to keep old things running by making small repairs rather than replace the whole thing at the first sign of wear. I also hate bullshit sales patter and prefer a down-to-earth talker. This is why I was so happy with THE BUNKER in Bristol. It's a small red brick building on the north […]… Read more »
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2 April 2012

Diabolo Trick Tutorial – Armover stringwrap

I am teaching a diabolo skills workshop at the 1610 Sports centre in Minehead on Wednesday. Both the under 9s morning session and the 9+ afternoon sessions are fully booked.… Read more »
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10 October 2011

2011 Chilli Crop Harvested

Another October and another successful crop of chillis from the year. Approximately one hundred and fifty juicy little twilight chillis all from one plant are now strung up and hanging in the window where they will dry and stay preserved for years to come. I use dried chillis in my cooking about once a week […]… Read more »
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1 March 2011

Lady Gaga is a Vindaloovian! (from Red Dwarf yeah?)

I want you to watch a short clip from two YouTube videos.  One is a classic clip from Red Dwarf, a BBC comedy first shown in the 90's (skip to the 54 second point on this video).  The second is the new musical release from bipedal greyhound, Lady Gaga, which was released earlier today (skip […]… Read more »
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6 November 2010

Tickets for John Cooper Clarke performing poetry at Thekla in Bristol

Been to Bristol Ticket Shop today to buy tickets to see one of my favorite poets.  If you are a South-Westernite that has never checked out John Cooper Clarke (the bard of Salford), I recommend you take this opportunity.  It's on Sunday 28th November at Thekla, Bristol.… Read more »
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26 April 2010

Why cyclists break the law and hosepipe bans save water

Cyclists have an emotional connection to the energy needed to travel at speed.  Acceleration on a bike involves sensations of heat, tension, moisture, movement and exhaustion.  In contrast, a car driver's communication with the use of stored energy is muted and abstracted.  It comes from this strange liquid fuel hidden from sight in a tank.  In […]… Read more »
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