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14 November 2010

SPOKED Event Report – November 2010

The event was a success!  The performers were on top form, the audience loved it. Everyone got paid.  Arts can work in Taunton without funding! We had an audience of 40 people from a wide range of the community turn up, which made for a fantastic atmosphere.  The 7 performers, myself included, felt charged by […]… Read more »
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7 November 2010

The final tease…. SPOKED is this Friday

Yes ladies and gentlemen roll up roll up.  This is the final few days before SPOKED, a highly anticipated and sure to be entertaining performance poetry event.  Friday 12th November.  See the SPOKED Website for full details or click "Attending" on the SPOKED Facebook event page.… Read more »
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1 November 2010

Just 11 Days Until SPOKED Performance Poetry Night

Tim King is a great poet with a unique voice.  He performs regularly down in Devon and I chose him to perform at SPOKED because he, like the other poets, fits the criteria of what I think entertainment is.  His material contains elements of funny, quirky and laterally thought concepts, all delivered in a narrative form that […]… Read more »
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10 October 2010

Darren Riggs’s Teaser Trailer for Spoked

Shhhhh, Darren Riggs is hiding in his garage.  He'll be allowed out on the 12th November. For full details visit… Read more »
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3 October 2010

Rupert Green’s Teaser Trailer for SPOKED Performance Poetry Night

Another Sunday, another sneaky peek.  Just under 6 weeks to go until this fantastical explosion of creative wordsmithery and I present here for your personal enjoy, Rupert Green. Spoked - Performance Poetry Night is on 12th November 2010 at the Albemarle Centre, Taunton… Read more »
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19 September 2010

My new performance poetry night is officially named Spoked

After a weekend of deliberating names, sketching artwork, phoning poets and surveying random people in pubs I have managed to get the ball well and truly rolling on this exciting new project. I am proud to announce the first confirmed performer is Tom Mansfield. Check out the full details and artwork on the Spoked Performance Poetry […]… Read more »
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16 September 2010

Idea for a New Poetry Night

This is hot from my imagination and I want your feedback so please read and post your honest comment(s). I am going to put on a night of performance poetry (Held for 1 night in Taunton and 1 night in Bristol) with the following principles... Entertaining the audience Giving the audience value for money Payment […]… Read more »
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27 June 2010

My DJ set of 2010

Yesterday afternoon, at a friend's annual garden party, I played my 1 and only DJ set of the year.  Mostly consisting of new music from the last year it's 1 hour and 5 minutes of chilled-out sunny garden afternoon tunes.  Starting with down tempo world music, then into minimal dubstep wrapping up with a section […]… Read more »
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18 June 2010

Taking the Mic – Exeter Phoenix

This week I performed my poetry to a crowd of poets.  Having previously only performed to general open mic audiences this event was my first poetry specific open mic.  I am pleased to say I really enjoyed the other performers and they really enjoyed me.  I read The Adventure a poem about having a night […]… Read more »
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9 June 2010

Poetry Stage was tough but successful

The poetry stage was a success.  I painted a sign that sat on the stage all day advertising start times of 12 and 3 so the audience could gather in preparation.  This was in contrast to last years set up of relying on 'chance'.  People who were interested in poetry could choose to be there at the […]… Read more »
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