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6 May 2016

Run build tasks inside your VM or on the host?

I build websites working on a Windows (or Mac for some clients) computer with a Linux virtual machine (spun up by Vagrant) running inside that contains the actual website files. Most web developers do something like this. But until last week I hadn't thought of running my NodeJS dev build tasks such as Grunt and Gulp […]… Read more »
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1 March 2016

The most hipster Github repo possible

I've challenged myself to make the most hipster repo possible! Tell me if you think my hipster tech stack can be improved?… Read more »
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26 February 2016

FITC Amsterdam 2016

I just attended FITC Amsterdam for the 2nd time.  Here's my personal highlights: Jessica Rosenkrante presenting her algorithmically-generated and 3D-printed fabric dresses. That kind of fashion-meets-code stuff is right up my street and I suggest you check out her Twitter feed at PAK, a short philosophical coder (with impressively long hair platted into an […]… Read more »
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1 February 2016

Shout app launched

I do improvisation theatre and the improv community is quite small. You tend to see the same regulars making up the cast and audience at most shows. Over the course of several years I have observed a kind of collective consciousness that exists in the community that means certain concepts persist for extended periods of time. […]… Read more »
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5 January 2016

Book: Blink by Malcolm Gladwell

Blink sucked me in with the opening paragraphs telling whimsical tales about the psychology of art forgery and gambling. Then - just when I'd settled into the mindset of a glamourous George Clooney heist movie - I suddenly found myself neck-deep in military tactics, autism, police shootings, subconscious gender and racial bias and I actually felt a bid sad by the end.… Read more »
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14 December 2015

Security and accessibility both get lost in over-specialisation

When I say "over-specialise" I do not mean professionals becoming too good at their specialism but instead becoming too not-good at everyone else's! More and more of the big wins in building the web are solvable by a holistic approach which will require less divergent minds and less specific job titles.… Read more »
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11 December 2015

I gave some objectivity to Matt

In response to my offer of free help, Matt from Bristol-based CPD for Teachers got in touch wanting a phone call with a fresh pair of eyes on his website. It was part usability testing, part expert evaluation and if you're someone who builds sites, I suggest you do the same for your local network. […]… Read more »
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10 September 2015

Lightning talk at SWUX

The lightning talks are happening on a Tuesday evening in Bristol and will feature a total of 6 talks, each 10 minutes long.… Read more »
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29 August 2015

HTML5 Autofocus attribute is sweet

If RightMove added the autofocus keyword to the big input box it would make it focused as soon as the page loads… Read more »
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23 July 2015

Preparations underway for Upfest ’15

Over 500 boards get setup by the volunteers for Upfest each year, ready to be painted. Right now, Bedminster has more battleship grey than the guts of a Ginsters pasty!… Read more »
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