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5 May 2012

Find an open mic night on your smart phone

I am proud to announce that Open Mic Finder have launched their new mobile-friendly version of the site at The new design offers all the functionality and great user interface of the desktop version but optimised for small screens. Search for open mics by typing in an address or using your device's current GPS location.… Read more »
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9 January 2010

Open Mic Nights in Bristol to get listed first

With many of my web clients snowed-in I have taken some time to work on developing The Open Mic Finder.  As I hone the tool's features and input the data content it is dawning on me how much potential I have to make this into something massive.  There are so many directions to work on. […]… Read more »
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2 December 2009

My new Open Mic Night Finder

I am building a little application that I think will be useful to many people if I manage to get it up the Google ranking.  I love travelling to towns or cities and checking out the local open mic night.  I think it's a good finger on the pulse of a location's culture.  But the amount of […]… Read more »
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