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11 January 2011

Firefox overtakes IE proving creative people are defenders of freedom

I just wanted to share with you this screenshot of my Google Analytics account showing visitor data for my website  I was pleasantly surprised to see Firefox has now taken over as the most popular internet browser amongst users of the website.  However, I can catagorically say that all the other websites I work […]… Read more »
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18 June 2010

Taking the Mic – Exeter Phoenix

This week I performed my poetry to a crowd of poets.  Having previously only performed to general open mic audiences this event was my first poetry specific open mic.  I am pleased to say I really enjoyed the other performers and they really enjoyed me.  I read The Adventure a poem about having a night […]… Read more »
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5 May 2010

Cover of Class Actions

Earlier today Aslan Ak posted his latest political rap piece on my Facebook wall.  The anti-conservative parody is typical content for the extreme leftist act Click here to view David Cameron by Class Actions. Spouting hatred for thatcherism and set to a 90s synthpop house instrumental it was familier territory for the group. Which lead me to […]… Read more »
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3 May 2010

Chat roulette open mic and the events cultural foundations

Last night was a Chat Roulette themed Open Mic.  Quite a simple concept I thought.  Inspired by Merton's Piano Improv videos I decided to recreate the situation on a live stage. This idea appealed to a lot of people and out of all the themed open mic nights I have done so far this one […]… Read more »
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20 April 2010

Open Tales (open mic) at The Junction, Bristol

Last night I headed up to Stokes Croft in Bristol to a quirky little venue called the Junction.  Still open for business through it's ongoing renovation the ex-metal bar is now under the same ownership as city centre trendy-magnet, Mr Wolfs.  It's obvious the building is still in the early stages of a facelift but […]… Read more »
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16 April 2010

Video from Capitalist Pig Night 2010

It was a fantastic open mic night on the theme of Capitalism! Every performer had to sell something.… Read more »
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14 April 2010

2 Very Different Devon Open Mics

For some unknown reason creative block had shifted earlier in the day and I finished two poems including my first super-positive (yet not soppy) love poem.  It was the product of a 4 month drive to write something that just makes people smile without a negative twist or gritty analysis of contemporary Britian.  It's called […]… Read more »
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29 March 2010

Capitalist Pig Night 2010 Coming Soon

Next Sunday (4th April) is a themed open mic night at The Perfect 5th.  It's Capitalist Pig Night where every performer has to include a sales pitch.  You can take it seriously and sell your CD, book or artwork, or you can make a joke and sell something weird.  Fixed price or auction style. It's […]… Read more »
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6 February 2010

Dishonesty Themed Open Mic Night Coming Tomorrow

Tomorrow will be a themed Open Mic Night.  And the theme is Dishonesty.  I have written this little nugget of inspiration to get performer's mojo's working... Make your performance about lieing, cheating, deceiving, skulduggery, rapscallionism, unholy scoundrelous and villainous behaviour. Dedicate your whole performance to the subject or just include a token reference, it's up […]… Read more »
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18 January 2010

Class Actions

I first met Class Actions through an email asking me if it was alright for them to perform at my Open Mic night.  I don't require artists to pre-book but these guys were travelling from Manchester and wanted to double check their trip would not be wasted.  Their performance was like nothing I had ever […]… Read more »
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