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16 January 2010

Open Mic at Mr Wolfs – Wed 13th Jan ’10

Last night I popped up to Bristol with Joel Tait.  We ate noodles at Mr Wolfs and then performed at their Open Mic. The first piece of spicy beef reminded of the food in Shanghai.  My Chinese friend referred to dishes like that as 'westernised' because they had more than 1 flavour/texture in a bowl. […]… Read more »
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2 December 2009

My new Open Mic Night Finder

I am building a little application that I think will be useful to many people if I manage to get it up the Google ranking.  I love travelling to towns or cities and checking out the local open mic night.  I think it's a good finger on the pulse of a location's culture.  But the amount of […]… Read more »
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22 November 2009

Open Mic Night at Soul Cellar, Southampton

I was in Southampton yesterday visiting my friend Alice and while meandering between bars and shops we managed to scout out the local Open Mic night.  It runs every Tuesday from 8pm til Midnight in a venue called the Soul Cellar.  I popped in to snap a photo of the venue which looks pretty nice […]… Read more »
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21 September 2009

Open Mic Sunday 20th September 2009 at The Perfect 5th, Taunton

Last night was another quiet one in terms of bodies but again, like last week, the atmosphere was warm and welcoming and those who were there stayed right until the end making for an intimate close friends kind of feel.  I was pondering aloud on the subject of a less-than-packed room with Dave Marrow who […]… Read more »
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14 September 2009

Open Mic Sunday (13th Sep)

Wow! What a great night. It was quiet in terms of numbers but I think that allowed it to become personal and relaxed.  Everyone had enough person space to stay calm.  We were short of acts but the community really pulled together and made a great night happen and by the end I was actually […]… Read more »
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1 September 2009

Open Mic Night at Porter Cellar Bar

I drove up to Bath on my own last night (Monday) and went to an Open Mic night in the Porter Cellar Bar.   I read my poetry which went down really well.  In fact I would say it was one of the best responses I've ever had which I owe to that unique sense […]… Read more »
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