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15 August 2012

Bristol inspired live art battle in Taunton

I have been living in Bristol for a few months now. I decided to take some of the city to my home town of Taunton. So I held a live art battle in the style of a Secret Walls event. This was a test, a trial run, a first attempt as I dip my toe […]… Read more »
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23 April 2012

Artists and venue needed for live art battle trial event in Taunton

Do you want to take part in a live art battle in this little old town of Taunton? I am planning this trial event with view to taking it on tour around the South West in the future. The rules are simple, 2 artists (or teams) going head to head in a 90 minute art battle, […]… Read more »
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10 October 2011

2011 Chilli Crop Harvested

Another October and another successful crop of chillis from the year. Approximately one hundred and fifty juicy little twilight chillis all from one plant are now strung up and hanging in the window where they will dry and stay preserved for years to come. I use dried chillis in my cooking about once a week […]… Read more »
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30 September 2011

Korben Dallas paints beautiful girl playing fetch like a dog

Grrrrr, said the girl as she gently tugged on the rope. Check out the detail on the eyelashes! Booyeah!… Read more »
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23 September 2011

Do you want to model for a painting? Interesting Faces Required

This is a public call out to anyone of any age or gender who is comfortable pulling silly faces in front of a camera and is up for a laugh. I need interesting, weird and expressive faces/bodies/hands/feet for a series of new big-scale paintings. The photoshoots are easy and fun and only take about an […]… Read more »
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2 April 2011

Monstercolors Vs Montana 94 Bemused Hmmm Face

Took some time to make the "Bemused Hmmm" face less cartoony and more photo-realistic.  It was my first piece since returning to painting and as such was not very good.  The patchiness of the fill-ins, the inconsistent colour of the two sides of the background and the annoying off-shape nostril had been bugging me for […]… Read more »
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14 November 2010

SPOKED Event Report – November 2010

The event was a success!  The performers were on top form, the audience loved it. Everyone got paid.  Arts can work in Taunton without funding! We had an audience of 40 people from a wide range of the community turn up, which made for a fantastic atmosphere.  The 7 performers, myself included, felt charged by […]… Read more »
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14 July 2010

Original T-Shirts by Local Artists for sale this weekend

This Saturday and Sunday (that's 17th and 18th July) between 11am and 6pm you will be able to go to Felix's house on Alma Street in Taunton (a short walk from town centre) and look through a wide range of clothing for sale at incredible prices. On offer will be original t-shirts and jumpers produced […]… Read more »
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30 May 2010

Poetry Stage 2010

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16 April 2010

Video from Capitalist Pig Night 2010

It was a fantastic open mic night on the theme of Capitalism! Every performer had to sell something.… Read more »
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