Curriculum Vitae

Professional Skills

Familiar Technologies

Server-side: MySQL, PHP, Laravel, Symfony, WordPress, CodeIgniter, NodeJS, Bash, Python. Client-side: HTML, SVG, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, CSS, LESS, SASS, WebGL (Three.js). Testing: PHPUnit (+ dbUnit), PHPSpec. Build tools: Grunt, Gulp, Broccoli, Jekyll, Elixir. Deploy tools: Capistrano, Jenkins. Version control: GIT, SVN. APIs: Google Maps, MapBox, HighCharts, Twitter, MeetUp, MailChimp, Transport, ISBNdb. Protocols: Open Graph, Rich snippets. Server Admin: Apache, Linux, CentOS, Unix (Apple OS X), SSL HTTPS, Vagrant Other: Arduino, Raspberry Pi, PhoneGap.

Open source contributor.


Adobe CC (Photoshop + Illustrator), logo and style design, sketching/drawing, wireframing, 2D and 3D animation, 3D modelling, digital photography + retouching, video production.


Responsive web design, accessibility, UX, DX.


Public speaking, teaching, project management, statistical visualisation, prototyping, sketching


Other interests

I am a volunteer and artist with annual street art festival, Upfest. I hack hardware for fun and art. Member of local running club. Wild swimmer. Qualified SCUBA diver. Motorbike rider. Bitcoin trader.

Other (non-web) jobs

Commissioning artist / Artist in residence at University of Plymouth / Open mic host / Juggling teacher / Nightclub VJ / Gardener / Pancake chef

Martin Joiner    Bristol, UK      

About Me

I am a creative full-stack web developer with a passion for UX. I take a customer-first approach and work across all the technological components to implement features that add value. I thrive in a culture of innovation and high standards and love a good discussion about how best to tackle something.

Notable Projects

Estate Visualiser 2017

Real World Visuals needed some help making a fledgling product fit for demonstration. Picking up where another dev left off I merged 2 tightly-coupled repos that should never have been separate and worked across the full stack to polish and standardise the codebase so that I could then implement critical features ready for client demo. PHP (CodeIgniter framework), SQLite database, RESTful API and WebGL, JavaScript, CSS interface.

Open Mic Finder 2010+

PHP site with public login and private CMS. 23,000+ active monthly users. Everything you see on the site was designed and coded by me. It hosts user-generated content so I have had to come up with solutions to tackle problems with data quality, data rot, spam, duplication and abuse.

BookFetch 2017

A platform for a charitable startup. OAuth Authenticated RESTful API (Laravel 5 running on PHP 7) allows mutliple internet-enabled stock scanners (Python scripts running on Raspberry Pi) to log books. A cron task queries a public API to process the scanned ISBN numbers. Special emphasis on absolute ease of use at speed.

Poetry Pin 2016

Mobile web app (JavaScript) that uses device GPS sensor to enable users to submit poetry along defined walking routes. Profanity checker filters obviously offensive content. Tests written in PHPUnit. CMS and RESTful API in PHP.

Internal planning system for international catering business 2016

Previously built with outdated and messy PHP the system had begun to run slow and frustrate users. I performed delicate code surgery to properly normalise the MySQL database (58+ million rows) and make the reports generate in seconds (previously minutes). I also modified the UI to encourage users to input high-quality standardised data by giving them tips and feedback.

Horizon Data 2015

Via my role as Senior front-end developer at Somo Global (2015)

I was responsible for JavaScript, CSS and some PHP (Symfony framework) on a CSR charity project. It involved complicated data visualisation in the form of charts and interactive maps.

Ford Quote 2015

Via my role as Senior web developer at Carmen Data Ltd (2012-2015)

Decision making tool for company car drivers.

Kia Quote 2015

Via my role as Senior web developer at Carmen Data Ltd (2012-2015)

Finance quote calculator for company car drivers. Backed by a MySQL database of millions of prices.

Mercedes-Benz 2015

Via my role as Senior web developer at Carmen Data Ltd (2012-2015)

Buying decision making tool for company car drivers. Animated interactive interface that updates live via JavaScript and a RESTful API.

Compare Contract Hire

Via my role as Senior web developer at Carmen Data Ltd (2012-2015)

Rebuild and rebrand post acquisition. Interaction and UX design. Logo design, UI design, JavaScript, CSS, Coldfusion 9.


Via my role as Senior web developer at Carmen Data Ltd (2012-2015)

Long-established and trusted but quite niche and ugly. Continual improvement of products and taxation decision tools. Backwards compatibility for executives still running IE7 on XP. Performs complex financial projections and displays the figures in the most easily understandable way (often interactive).

Storywalks 2012

Award-winning literacy app for KS2+3 in schools. GPS triggered interactive story. Written mainly in JavaScript with PHP and MySQL back-end. Unique challenge of UX and UI design for children.

Historic roles

Web designer at Wessex Malthouse Design 2008 – 2009

Working alongside graphic design for print. Introduced new web department delivering new builds and maintenance of sites for company's existing print clients.

Video & Web designer at Highbridge Caravans 2006 – 2007

Produced online video tours of luxury vehicles. Overhauled the design of the company website. Adobe Flash animation and SEO. Learned PHP for the role.

Formal Education

  • 2003-7 BA (Hons) Fine Art – 1st Class Honours – University of Plymouth
  • 2001-2 BSc (Hons) Computing Informatics – University of Plymouth