All the projects below leverage my design, development and UX skills. Additional skills are listed individually.

Poetry Pin

Mobile web app using device GPS to discover and submit geo-located poems. PHP, RESTful API, Composer, PHPSpec, Gulp, JavaScript, Twitter API.


Screenshot of Poetry Pin

Compare Contract Hire

Responsive automotive contract comparison site. Via job at Carmen Data. ColdFusion, custom API, JavaScript, CSS.


Screenshot of Compare Contract Hire

Open Mic Finder

International user-generated content site with custom CMS now attracting over 23,000 unique users monthly. Self-initiated. PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, several APIs: Twitter, , Google Maps, .


Screenshot of Open Mic Finder

The Shout app

Open source single page app. Built with OO JavaScript, Gulp.


[ See the code ]

Screenshot of The Shout app


Responsive mobile web-app using GPS location to trigger chapters of a story. PHP, OO JavaScript, Grunt.


Screenshot of Storywalks

Circa Maps Project

Generative design project. Uses web technologies to algorithmically grow artworks that simulate city maps. JavaScript interface to visualise coordinate geometry logic written with OO PHP that generates SVG markup.


[ See the code ]

Screenshot of Circa Maps Project

Mackay Design Studio

Stylish minimalist design brief from client with design background. Freelance. PHP custom CMS, CSS animation.


Screenshot of Mackay Design Studio

Word Matrix

An in-browser mock-up of an idea for a physical interactive art installation. Built with OO JavaScript, PHP, Twitter API, Composer, Microajax.


[ See the code ]

Screenshot of Word Matrix

Bristol Cycling Manifesto

Small basic responsive site delivered for free as a gift because I believe in the cause. PHP, CSS animation.


Screenshot of Bristol Cycling Manifesto

Image-to-web-page Converter

PHP application that takes an image file and produces styled markup (a web page) that appears as an abstracted form of the image. PHP, Composer, JavaScript, jQuery, Gulp.


[ See the code ]

Screenshot of Image-to-web-page Converter


A visual meditation aid for recalling the overlapping timespans of your life. An old open source project due to be rewritten in Laravel soon.


[ See the code ]

Screenshot of Timeline

Bristol Open

Tournament entry and results system with fencer login and admin CMS. Via job at Carmen Data. ColdFusion.


Screenshot of Bristol Open