18 June 2010

Taking the Mic – Exeter Phoenix

This week I performed my poetry to a crowd of poets.  Having previously only performed to general open mic audiences this event was my first poetry specific open mic.  I am pleased to say I really enjoyed the other performers and they really enjoyed me.  I read The Adventure a poem about having a night out and avoiding the crap to create an enjoyable evening, and my first and only love poem, Junk Food Date.  I will definitely be heading back to the Pheonix on September 15th for the next "Taking the Mic" where I'm gonna crack out my controversial crowd pleaser, Pinnochiophile.

The event is hosted by Liv Torc who also happened to be plugging her new book, a professionally printed book with glossy cover and illustrations.  Lately I've seen a lot of poets plugging their books at open mics which is interesting as I am currently thinking about self-publishing my poems.  Most advertise prices of £2 or £3 for books and don't seem to be selling them.  Does poetry simply not sell?

But looking closely, most of the self published 'books' were just basic vehicles for the words.  Black and white photocopies stapled together and badly folded.  Most people would rather read from a computer screen than another sheet of A4 copy paper.  They had all the charm and beauty of a school newsletter.  In contrast, my book is going to be a work of art.  A tactile and sculptural binding of leaves printed in traditional mediums.  A hard cover and spine will firmly hug a neat stack of high quality archive paper.  Each book will smell of fresh plywood and ink, be numbered as a limited edition and will have been handmade by myself.  All this and it will still retail for about a fiver!