14 July 2010

Original T-Shirts by Local Artists for sale this weekend

This Saturday and Sunday (that's 17th and 18th July) between 11am and 6pm you will be able to go to Felix's house on Alma Street in Taunton (a short walk from town centre) and look through a wide range of clothing for sale at incredible prices.

On offer will be original t-shirts and jumpers produced by local artists at prices from about £5 up to £15. I have produced a few t-shirts myself including the "Fight" design above and there's also stuff from FRA (Fresh Rotten Apples), Felix himself and many more people who I will add to this blog when I've got confirmation later tonight.

As well as the new clothing there will also be a large selection of second hand and vintage clothing from Charlotte and friend's personal wardrobes.  They all need clearing out before they move back to London permanently never to be seen in Taunton again.

THIS SALE WILL ONLY EVER HAPPEN ONCE.  Grab this opportunity to get unique art style threads at very affordable high street prices!  It's got to be worth popping by!