2 July 2012

How to buy meat without creating domestic plastic waste

Reducing domestic waste experiment #1

Thesis: It is possible to buy meat without creating any domestic plastic waste? Result: PROVEN.

Method: Take the plastic box with the sealable lid, that you have in your cupboard from that recent take-away meal, to your butchers of choice and ask them to package your products in it. Carry the box in the strong reusable bag that is in your cupboard or drawer. This burdens you with no single-use plastic and reduces your personal contribution to landfill waste.  This is not recycling, this is better than recycling.

Test environment: Over the past two weeks I have achieved this in three local butchers and the meat counter in my favourite supermarket. All of whom were happy to oblige and one even complimented me on my efforts. This has not cost me any extra money, it simply required a little forethought.

P.S. This is not an original idea, I saw people doing this when I was a kid. I often find myself in disbelief that single-use plastic bags are used to package so many things.