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24 May 2020

MTN 94 GIMP Palette

I have started an open source repository of GIMP palette files (.glp) for all the major ranges of street art paint. The first range I've added is my personal favourite MTN 94. It would be good to get palettes for all the major ranges covered included other brands like Molotow and Posca. Contributions welcomed. Download […]… Read more »
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26 February 2016

FITC Amsterdam 2016

I just attended FITC Amsterdam for the 2nd time.  Here's my personal highlights: Jessica Rosenkrante presenting her algorithmically-generated and 3D-printed fabric dresses. That kind of fashion-meets-code stuff is right up my street and I suggest you check out her Twitter feed at PAK, a short philosophical coder (with impressively long hair platted into an […]… Read more »
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23 July 2015

Preparations underway for Upfest ’15

Over 500 boards get setup by the volunteers for Upfest each year, ready to be painted. Right now, Bedminster has more battleship grey than the guts of a Ginsters pasty!… Read more »
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11 July 2015

Mulshing boards in prep for Upfest ’15

Boom! More whitewashing than a political sex scandal!… Read more »
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14 June 2015

Helped paint the Bedminster sign

  The "Make Sunday Special" treatment came to North Street in Bedminster today.  As their contribution, Upfest quickly built a BEDMINSTER sign in 7ft high letters and gethered a bunch of artists - me included.  I painted the letter D, the general consensus among the local kids was that my piece was "The Kissing Giant".… Read more »
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31 January 2015

Sketch: A fight at a funeral

A bloke at the bar challenged us to draw a fight at a funeral and we happily obliged.… Read more »
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27 May 2013

Painting at Upfest 2013 in Bristol

Bristol's urban paint festival, Upfest, was fantastic this year. On the Friday night I joined a whole bunch of artists in painting the shop shutters on North Street, Southville. I painted the shutter on the side of Rare butchers. Knowing this piece was going to be displayed for at least a year I stuck with […]… Read more »
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15 August 2012

Bristol inspired live art battle in Taunton

I have been living in Bristol for a few months now. I decided to take some of the city to my home town of Taunton. So I held a live art battle in the style of a Secret Walls event. This was a test, a trial run, a first attempt as I dip my toe […]… Read more »
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18 June 2012

Bristol Life Drawing

Beginning on Sunday 24 June 2012, artists both amateur and professional are gathering every 2 weeks in Southville for a refreshing new style of life drawing. 'Real Life Drawing, Bristol' is held in a private function room at the Hen & Chicken, Southville, and the models don't look like you'd expect. We invite participants to […]… Read more »
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30 May 2012

Repairing the missing Stokes Croft Turbo Island head

I have recently started doing some work with PRSC (People's Republic of Stokes Croft) in Bristol. The community art centre is a good place for me to be. My hands-on creative art practice is am important release and simultaneous support to the heavy logical world of computer coding. Pictured above is me driving steel rods […]… Read more »
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