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27 October 2016

To style before testing?

I've built an early working version of both the scanner end of the BookFetch project and the public-facing website part, but at this stage the visual styling is just Drupal's default out-the-box theme. But that doesn't matter right? Just get it out there, MVP man, stop wasting time yeah?! No. Because the next stage will […]… Read more »
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21 October 2016

BookFetch Scanner working and ready to test

I have finished building the scanner end of the BookFetch project. This is the device that will be taken into shops and used to quickly and easily log their entire stock of books for publication on the BookFetch website. Here's a video of me demonstrating how the Raspberry Pi with the Python scripts running, is able […]… Read more »
14 October 2016

A noun for users who write in only uppercase letters

Recently, while administrating some user-generated content I had to twent some aggression at yet another user who had input their event details in all uppercase letters. It's ugly and inaccessible so as a responsible site owner I'm obligated to correct the casing which is an unnecessary waste of my time. You're wasting my time! Can we have […]… Read more »
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14 October 2016

Fun with Drupal 8 and RaspberryPi

I have recently been working on a project for a local charitable organisation. I am building them a user-generated content site (in Drupal 8) that will receive it's content from a hand-held scanner (running on a RaspberryPi). The user stories are this: The Consumer: Ethically minded, tech-savvy individual is about to buy a second hand book […]… Read more »
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1 June 2016


The first time you install an SSL certificate is very much like the first time you make love to a woman...… Read more »
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6 May 2016

Run build tasks inside your VM or on the host?

I build websites working on a Windows (or Mac for some clients) computer with a Linux virtual machine (spun up by Vagrant) running inside that contains the actual website files. Most web developers do something like this. But until last week I hadn't thought of running my NodeJS dev build tasks such as Grunt and Gulp […]… Read more »
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1 March 2016

The most hipster Github repo possible

I've challenged myself to make the most hipster repo possible! Tell me if you think my hipster tech stack can be improved?… Read more »
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26 February 2016

FITC Amsterdam 2016

I just attended FITC Amsterdam for the 2nd time.  Here's my personal highlights: Jessica Rosenkrante presenting her algorithmically-generated and 3D-printed fabric dresses. That kind of fashion-meets-code stuff is right up my street and I suggest you check out her Twitter feed at PAK, a short philosophical coder (with impressively long hair platted into an […]… Read more »
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1 February 2016

Shout app launched

I do improvisation theatre and the improv community is quite small. You tend to see the same regulars making up the cast and audience at most shows. Over the course of several years I have observed a kind of collective consciousness that exists in the community that means certain concepts persist for extended periods of time. […]… Read more »
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14 December 2015

Security and accessibility both get lost in over-specialisation

When I say "over-specialise" I do not mean professionals becoming too good at their specialism but instead becoming too not-good at everyone else's! More and more of the big wins in building the web are solvable by a holistic approach which will require less divergent minds and less specific job titles.… Read more »
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