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10 September 2015

Lightning talk at SWUX

The lightning talks are happening on a Tuesday evening in Bristol and will feature a total of 6 talks, each 10 minutes long.… Read more »
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29 August 2015

HTML5 Autofocus attribute is sweet

If RightMove added the autofocus keyword to the big input box it would make it focused as soon as the page loads… Read more »
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20 July 2015

:invalid pseudo class works on form elements too!

Discovered this by accident and there seems to be very little coverage in the blogosphere so I thought I'd share. You're adding HTML5 validation on your input boxes now, right? And you're using styling to give the user helpful visual feedback, yeah? But did you know that when an input box inside a form is […]… Read more »
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13 July 2015

What is the skv prefix and when to use it

JSON strongly binds the variable name and the variable value, making our code more robust. But I was frustrated by the lack of distinction between an object that could be safely JSONified and those that could not.… Read more »
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8 March 2015

jQuery UK Oxford 2015

My colleagues at Carmen Data and I traveled to Oxford for the annual 1-day tech conference which is aimed mainly at front-end developer. Yes there were fridges full of free Redbull scattered around but other than that, here are some of my highlights from the talks.   Alice Bartlett One of the highlights and certainly […]… Read more »
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28 February 2015

FITC Amsterdam 2015

Topping the list when sorted by coolness, FITC in Amsterdam had a slick and calm feel with a high calibre of speakers from a huge variation of backgrounds. The general mood was a welcome shift from the types of conferences I normally attend which tend to focus on the web and the tech that delivers […]… Read more »
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27 October 2014

Responsive re-design damages ad revenue started as a desktop-only site, then it gained a mobile version hosted on the "m." subdomain, recently I replaced both with 1 responsive version. Most interesting is the unexpected negative affect this has had on advertising revenue compared to the positive affect it has had on the Google ranking. Obviously the new responsive site scores massively […]… Read more »
12 August 2013

Coldfusions cfDump / writeDump() for PHP

phDump is a PHP-equivalent of Adobe Coldfusion's excellent debugging feature, CFDump.  The screenshot above shows phDump neatly and clearly displaying the complicated nested data structure returned by Twitter's API. A visual tool like this makes it so much easier to understand during development. I built this to serve the niche group of developers (of which I am […]… Read more »
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21 June 2013

Bristol geeks and their remarkable spec keyboards

If there's one trait that can help explain the recent rise to power and great sexual magnetism that geeks are currently enjoying, it's their practical abilities to succeed.… Read more »
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8 June 2013

Scotch On The Rocks 2013 in Edinburgh

My employer sent the dev team up to SOTR13, a 2 day web conference in Edinburgh. Talks ranged from the technical to the philosophical and comical with titles like "HTML5 Mobile App with Phone Gap", "Quit your boring 9-5er" and "Zombie Code: How to suvive an apocalypse". I learned a serious amount of very useful […]… Read more »
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