Visual Portfolio

Projects with notable visual appeal.
Everything on this page has leveraged my visual design skills as well as my programming abilities.

BookFetch branding

Logo design, colour scheme and typography style guide to fit in with the book industry.

Screenshot of BookFetch branding

Compare Contract Hire branding

Logo design, visual branding, responsive site design.

Screenshot of Compare Contract Hire branding

Open Mic Finder branding

Logo design, colour scheme and typography, responsive site design.

Screenshot of Open Mic Finder branding

The Shout app

Open source single page app. Built with OO JavaScript, Gulp.

[ Github repo ]

Screenshot of The Shout app

Storywalks branding

Logo design, typography, project showcase mini-site and responsive web-app

Screenshot of Storywalks branding

Circa Maps Project

Generative design project. Algorithmically grows maps of fictional cities. Visualises coordinate geometry and generates SVG markup.

[ Github repo ]

Screenshot of Circa Maps Project

Mackay Design Studio

Stylish minimalist design brief from client with design background. Responsive site with CSS animations.

Screenshot of Mackay Design Studio

SSS branding

Logo design with multiple variations and brand style guide

Screenshot of SSS branding

Word Matrix

An in-browser mock-up of an idea for a physical interactive art installation. Built with OO JavaScript, PHP, Twitter API, Composer, Microajax.

[ Github repo ]

Screenshot of Word Matrix

Image-to-web-page Converter

PHP application that takes an image file and produces styled markup (a web page) that appears as an abstracted form of the image PHP, Composer, JavaScript, jQuery, Gulp.

[ Github repo ]

Screenshot of Image-to-web-page Converter

Bristol Open

Budget logo and tournament entry system for a formal fencing competition.

Screenshot of Bristol Open