3 October 2012

Adobe Create the Web conference in London

My developer colleagues and myself sitting in the audience at Adobe Create the Web confernce held at Vue Cinema, Leicester Square, London yesterday. The day was basically a keynotes talk by Adobe covering their new Adobe Edge suite of products with a couple of non-Adobe employed speakers thrown in for balance. Get details at html.adobe.com but my personal highlights were the following:

  • Adobe are pushing for Custom CSS filters to be supported by future browsers
  • SoundJS is a Javascript library attempting to make xBrowser compatible sound possibleĀ www.createjs.com/#!/SoundJS
  • Adobe Edge inspect making xPlatform, xBrowser, xScreensize testing easier allowing you to connect all manner of devices to your developer machine and Refresh, Navigate, take screenshots, and inspect developer console. SeeĀ http://html.adobe.com/edge/inspect/