8 June 2013

Scotch On The Rocks 2013 in Edinburgh

My employer sent the dev team up to SOTR13, a 2 day web conference in Edinburgh. Talks ranged from the technical to the philosophical and comical with titles like "HTML5 Mobile App with Phone Gap", "Quit your boring 9-5er" and "Zombie Code: How to suvive an apocalypse". I learned a serious amount of very useful knowledge and met some great contacts.

Photographed above is us, the development team. And yes contrary to prior stereotyping Scotland does have sunshine. However in balance I must mention that due to my massive dirty ginger beard I blended in with the native to such an extent that two teenage girls actually stopped me in the street and asked me for directions to the sexual health clinic. I am actually not kidding. I like Edinburgh, I will visit again.