28 February 2015

FITC Amsterdam 2015

Topping the list when sorted by coolness, FITC in Amsterdam had a slick and calm feel with a high calibre of speakers from a huge variation of backgrounds.

The general mood was a welcome shift from the types of conferences I normally attend which tend to focus on the web and the tech that delivers it. FITC stands for Future, Innovation, Technology and Cool shit and as such I found myself talking less about Javascript and more of the philosophy and psychology surrounding what we do. Discussing areas like the product delivery process in a creative industry and the client-designer relationship. How our modern education system conditions some strange quirks in the human mind. How art can drive development and development can be art.


I returned from Amsterdam feeling inspired to dig out and dust off some of the little art projects that I had begun building on various late-night Saturday coding sessions, but had let slip into non use by a sense of priority for the client work. Seeing the fantastic reactions that digital projects which were done not to deliver a monetised product to users, but just because the idea behind them can only be done with that tech, is wonderful.

Standing with one foot in the hardcore tech camp, and the other firmly rooted in the art world, I can sometimes feel an outsider to both, but at FITC I felt among friends.