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27 October 2016

To style before testing?

I've built an early working version of both the scanner end of the BookFetch project and the public-facing website part, but at this stage the visual styling is just Drupal's default out-the-box theme. But that doesn't matter right? Just get it out there, MVP man, stop wasting time yeah?! No. Because the next stage will […]… Read more »
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14 October 2016

A noun for users who write in only uppercase letters

Recently, while administrating some¬†user-generated content I had to twent¬†some aggression at yet another user who had input their event details in all uppercase letters. It's ugly and inaccessible so as a responsible site owner I'm obligated to correct the casing which is an unnecessary waste of my time. You're wasting my time! Can we have […]… Read more »
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29 August 2015

HTML5 Autofocus attribute is sweet

If RightMove added the autofocus keyword to the big input box it would make it focused as soon as the page loads… Read more »
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8 March 2015

jQuery UK Oxford 2015

My colleagues at Carmen Data and I traveled to Oxford for the annual 1-day tech conference which is aimed mainly at front-end developer. Yes there were fridges full of free Redbull scattered around but other than that, here are some of my highlights from the talks.   Alice Bartlett One of the highlights and certainly […]… Read more »
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