2 April 2011

Monstercolors Vs Montana 94 Bemused Hmmm Face

Took some time to make the "Bemused Hmmm" face less cartoony and more photo-realistic.  It was my first piece since returning to painting and as such was not very good.  The patchiness of the fill-ins, the inconsistent colour of the two sides of the background and the annoying off-shape nostril had been bugging me for weeks.  So I changed it.

Paint geeks out there may be interested to know that I used a different brand of spray can in each version.  The earlier image was done with Montana 94 paint which, as far as I know, is the most expensive 11oz can on the market.  It's promoted as being a superior product and people tend to agree.  The new improved painting on the right was done using Monstercolor, a much cheaper brand retailing at nearly half the price, yet often snubbed by hardcore graff-nerds.   I guess this example proves that choice of paint pales into insignificance when compared to artist skill.  The fact that the one on the right looks better can be put down to nothing more than practise.

Having said that, the shades of grey do seem more consistent in the Monster range.  Ok, so they are all a kind of bluey grey but they blend into each other beautifully.  The Montana range on the other hand, offers a more neutral grey with the one exception of the Anthracite Grey (the dark one around the ear) which is clearly way more bluey than the others.  Even if I had blended it properly it would still not be as smooth a transition as with a more colour-balanced range.

Also, one bone of contention is that the Montana 94 can has the words "Low pressure"  printed on it, supposedly offering the slow controlled release of paint as a unique selling point.  But I find the paint comes out of Monstorcolor cans even more predictably.  Is it really the low pressure choice on the market?  Maybe Monstercolor paint is higher pressure but has a thicker consistency so it seems lower pressure?  I did a side-by-side comparison today and found that using the same cap, the small detailed lines around the eye and lips were a nightmare with Montana but achievable with Monster.

Anyway, I'm not going to be forming any kind of die-hard allegiance to a brand any time soon.  Some painters proudly proclaim that they only use X because of this reason, or they found this thing better with that one.  But the way I see it, it's a massive global industry and all the manufacturers are constantly working to improve their ranges and claim more of the market.  Things change all the time and if you want the best paint, keep an open mind and watch all brands closely.

To learn more about Monstorcolors visit http://www.monstercolors.com

To learn more about Montana visit http://www.montanacolors.com/?lang=en