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14 September 2020

Bristol Street Art

Pelmo's first show at Upfest Gallery in March 2020 became the longest running "featured artist" show ever because days before the show was due to be taken down having completed it's 1 month run, the country went into national lockdown and the shop closed it's doors for months. The art by Bristol Street Artist, Pelmo […]… Read more »
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23 July 2015

Preparations underway for Upfest ’15

Over 500 boards get setup by the volunteers for Upfest each year, ready to be painted. Right now, Bedminster has more battleship grey than the guts of a Ginsters pasty!… Read more »
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14 June 2015

Helped paint the Bedminster sign

  The "Make Sunday Special" treatment came to North Street in Bedminster today.  As their contribution, Upfest quickly built a BEDMINSTER sign in 7ft high letters and gethered a bunch of artists - me included.  I painted the letter D, the general consensus among the local kids was that my piece was "The Kissing Giant".… Read more »
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27 May 2013

Painting at Upfest 2013 in Bristol

Bristol's urban paint festival, Upfest, was fantastic this year. On the Friday night I joined a whole bunch of artists in painting the shop shutters on North Street, Southville. I painted the shutter on the side of Rare butchers. Knowing this piece was going to be displayed for at least a year I stuck with […]… Read more »
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30 September 2011

Korben Dallas paints beautiful girl playing fetch like a dog

Grrrrr, said the girl as she gently tugged on the rope. Check out the detail on the eyelashes! Booyeah!… Read more »
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2 April 2011

Monstercolors Vs Montana 94 Bemused Hmmm Face

Took some time to make the "Bemused Hmmm" face less cartoony and more photo-realistic.  It was my first piece since returning to painting and as such was not very good.  The patchiness of the fill-ins, the inconsistent colour of the two sides of the background and the annoying off-shape nostril had been bugging me for […]… Read more »
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