19 June 2011

Blue Head Squidge Street Art Taunton

I painted this today. So what's it all about? Lets say some words...

On the conceptual... With the subtle adjustment of scale between the hand and the head, I was hoping to evoke ideas relating to the power balance within a relationship. Hands and faces are two things we are incredibly attached to emotionally, often more than we realise. Those learning to illustrate from a life model will often make the rookie mistake of drawing the eyes or the hands bigger than they actually are; a testament to the power of the subconscious. (Side note: boobs and willys also fall foul of this treatment, depending on the genders of the artist and model). As a physically big bloke myself (6ft 4") with big man hands (10 fingers at last count) some of my most prolific memories of relationships relate to me observing a contrast in size. I, like most people, remember being a kid and noticing how big my Dad's hands were. Now I've grown up, I am the big man and it's my girlfriend's hands that can seem to get lost in my giant palms. This painting therefore has a twist. At first it appears a man is losing a fight with a giant, but really it's just play fighting and he's enjoying a big head hug in the process. Quite comforting to have a giant hand take the weight off your neck bones for a bit, don't you think?

On the technical... Need to fill the background better. Colours do sit well together. A good 6 stop pallet containing a blue I mixed myself. Nostril to the left side of shot needs moving outwards. Blending on neck needs softening. Skin not being pushed up into ripples around eye, leading to a lack of surface tension in the image. Should have placed the whole image 2 blocks to either side so as to avoid critical areas of image landing on those horrible rough brick-ends (blur yours eyes to improve the image).

On the progressiveness... This is a continuation of my plan to incorporate more narrative into my paintings. To play with scale and introduce interaction within the image, all the while improving my line and shading.

Further Reading:  If you like the concept of scaling the human body in art check out Ron Mueck's sculptures. If you want to know how to accurately mix your own colours in aerosol paints so that you can always produce the desired colour then... At this point I would link you to a How To video but I can't seem to find one! Maybe I will make one myself one day.