27 July 2011

The Sensation of Adam (yoga hands graffiti Taunton)

So I finished this piece today and I am bloody proud of it! It's called The Sensation of Adam (no prizes given for guessing which classical masterpiece this is an interpretation of). That is Adam you can see sitting down in the photo. He's the yogi who posed for the original reference material. I thought it was very fitting to have him in the final shot as well.

Yeah I know it's cliche but we had to do this as well...

Notice the number 2011 in the background. I don't normally include words in my pieces. During art school I came to believe that if an artist feels the need to include words in an image then they are either not talented enough to portray the narrative with image or they are too lazy to explore the options. To put it bluntly: If you want to use words, become a writer. Now of course, what I have just said is potentially insulting to a lot of artists out there but I wanted to share that statement because I want you to understand that it's rules such as this that push me to further myself. Give a person ultimate power and they can tend to feel complacent. Remove a few options, restrict the tools at their disposal and that's when creativity kicks in. And it's creativity that breeds happiness within me and those around me.

But returning to my original thesis, numbers are less emotive. They are, for the most part, clinical forms of reference and therefore I am happy to include them in a piece. They can be ignored, allowing the viewers interpretation of the painting to continue uncorrupted. The number 2011 is simply a subtle nod to a year that has been most accommodating for me. Through these paintings I have engaged with the community on a level like never before. I have employed many friends as models and muses, held numerous conversations with passers-by and of course given the residents of Taunton some street decoration to ponder on. I'm running out of room on this wall and soon I will migrate to pastures new.