19 April 2012

iButton Car Ignition System with Arduino Onewire

Jon and I have been working on a new iButton immobiliser and ignition system aimed at the modified vehicle market. The iButtons (most commonly seen hanging from the belt loops of bar staff) are water proof, secure and available for a lot less cash than replacement car keys! The system has the very neat advantage of being able to use a current valid iButton to authorise or restrict additional iButtons, thus granting or restricting access quickly and easily. This feature will appeal to mechanics, off-roaders and track racers who all like to be able to share vehicles amongst friends and colleagues but still keep them out of the hands of opportunist scallywags. What's more, one single iButton can be authorised on several vehicles fitted with this system meaning a single person can be granted access to a whole fleet of vehicles but still only need to carry one iButton. Watch this space for further developments, I will post a demonstration video when the first system is fitted in an actual vehicle.