23 April 2012

Artists and venue needed for live art battle trial event in Taunton

Do you want to take part in a live art battle in this little old town of Taunton? I am planning this trial event with view to taking it on tour around the South West in the future. The rules are simple, 2 artists (or teams) going head to head in a 90 minute art battle, armed only with black markers, white walls and a head full of imagination! Winners will be determined by a combination of guest judges and crowd noise.

WHAT I NEED:  2 artists able to draw in the cartoon/realist style, a couple of funky DJs and a venue to do it in (pub, club, bar, empty shop).

If the structure of this event sounds familiar it's because it's lifted from the globally successful Secret Walls (previously Secret Wars) who have held over 1000 battles, witnessed by more than 200,000 people. Please check out videos of their events to know what to expect http://www.youtube.com/secretwalls If this trial event is a success it could mean regular battles in Plymouth, Exeter, Bournemouth and other locations around the South West.

HOW TO GET INVOLVED: Contact me. Add or message me on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/martin.joiner or drop me a comment on here. I will set up a meeting for artists, DJs and venue owners in a local pub to give anyone interested a chance to ask questions and get a feel for the event before committing themselves.

Please spread the word and share this blog post with anyone who may be interested.