11 July 2015

Mulshing boards in prep for Upfest ’15

Mulshing - [present tense version of verb: mulsh] - Colloquialism used among the urban paint fraternity to describe the process of preparing a surface for painting by making it a single colour, usually with the use of household emulsion paint.




52 of the small 6x4 boards, still sporting the slightly ropey can skills of last year's kids section, laid out in the yard.


Boom! More whitewashing than a political sex scandal!

Soka piece

Soka's excellent hipster Spiderman piece has had it's time in the limelight.


Bosh! Gone, hidden behind a satisfying sea of grey.

The 93 boards that we did today takes us to a total of 400 meaning we only have about 150 left to do before the big day. I am just 1 in a whole team of volunteers, beavering away to make it happen, but we could always use an extra pair of hands if you are near Bristol and willing to lend an hour of your day.

Exactly 2 weeks 'til Upfest 2015!