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10 September 2015

Lightning talk at SWUX

The lightning talks are happening on a Tuesday evening in Bristol and will feature a total of 6 talks, each 10 minutes long.… Read more »
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23 July 2015

Preparations underway for Upfest ’15

Over 500 boards get setup by the volunteers for Upfest each year, ready to be painted. Right now, Bedminster has more battleship grey than the guts of a Ginsters pasty!… Read more »
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11 July 2015

Mulshing boards in prep for Upfest ’15

Boom! More whitewashing than a political sex scandal!… Read more »
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10 July 2015

Eco self-build somewhere near Bristol

My long-term plan of self-building my very own eco home will take a lot of time and planning. Using Google Sketchup I have made some 3D renders of the kind of structure I want to build based on my personally preferred aesthetic and building methods. These basic renders are in no way finalised plans but more to […]… Read more »
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14 June 2015

Helped paint the Bedminster sign

  The "Make Sunday Special" treatment came to North Street in Bedminster today.  As their contribution, Upfest quickly built a BEDMINSTER sign in 7ft high letters and gethered a bunch of artists - me included.  I painted the letter D, the general consensus among the local kids was that my piece was "The Kissing Giant".… Read more »
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31 January 2015

Sketch: A fight at a funeral

A bloke at the bar challenged us to draw a fight at a funeral and we happily obliged.… Read more »
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21 June 2013

Bristol geeks and their remarkable spec keyboards

If there's one trait that can help explain the recent rise to power and great sexual magnetism that geeks are currently enjoying, it's their practical abilities to succeed.… Read more »
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17 June 2013

Bristols Biggest Bike Ride 2013

"This is what motorways will look like when we run out of oil" I joked. But seriously, the pleasure of cruising along a wide stretch of road, surrounded only by other peddle powered vehicles is bliss. Bristol's Biggest Bike Ride took place yesterday (Sunday 16th June) and it's the most peaceful gathering of 5000 people […]… Read more »
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1 June 2013

Bristol IT Megameet

The Frenchay campus of Bristol UWE was the location and the graffiti in the toilets did not disappoint. Elements of the Megameet did though but that's alright because the organisers are honest about it's fledgling nature and keen to improve. Many of the presenters were first or second-time speakers so there were some awkward audiences […]… Read more »
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27 May 2013

Painting at Upfest 2013 in Bristol

Bristol's urban paint festival, Upfest, was fantastic this year. On the Friday night I joined a whole bunch of artists in painting the shop shutters on North Street, Southville. I painted the shutter on the side of Rare butchers. Knowing this piece was going to be displayed for at least a year I stuck with […]… Read more »
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