1 February 2016

Shout app launched

I do improvisation theatre and the improv community is quite small. You tend to see the same regulars making up the cast and audience at most shows. Over the course of several years I have observed a kind of collective consciousness that exists in the community that means certain concepts persist for extended periods of time. Ideas from recent shows, classes or rehearsals crop up again and again spanning multiple theatres and troupes of actors. Everyone supporting each other, everyone feeding off each other. In other words there is an lack of 'random' and that is a problem in an artform that prides itself on creating new unscripted material, live on stage based on any audience suggestion.

So I created a web app to solve the problem. An application does not have a sub-conscience to be conditioned, they have lists and random numbers. An app can combine an adjective and noun in a way that the human brain would never think to do. Admittedly, sometimes the combinations don't make sense, but most times our brain can connect them and a fresh spark of inspiration occurs, breathing life into the artform.

Use the app now at shout.butterscotchworld.co.uk, the improv audience suggestion generator.