26 February 2016

FITC Amsterdam 2016

I just attended FITC Amsterdam for the 2nd time.  Here's my personal highlights:

Jessica Rosenkrante presenting her algorithmically-generated and 3D-printed fabric dresses. That kind of fashion-meets-code stuff is right up my street and I suggest you check out her Twitter feed at https://twitter.com/nervous_jessica

PAK, a short philosophical coder (with impressively long hair platted into an equally impressive ponytail) who uses generative design to make 3D renders and machine learning algorithms to make social bots and social platforms.  His brand is mysteriously minimal and I was inspired by his quiet humble mannerism. Follow him on Twitter at https://twitter.com/muratpak

Of course there was also the usual contradictions of some speakers saying you need to quit your day job, others saying you need to keep it. But there was also consensus in that everyone whose talk I watched stressed the importance of constantly making your own work and just putting it out there. Every type of speaker including the loud-mouthed, high-fiving mavericks who make eye candy for global brands, the serious agencies developing beautiful cutting-edge interactive 3D platforms, the individuals with normal jobs and a collection of cool projects on the side and the ultra-professional academic types who negotiate a delicate network of associates to achieve their projects, all of them promoted the concept of just doing it, don't question it's value, you never know where it will lead.  And that was the main take home lesson for me this year.