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13 February 2017

Jade Templating Engine Renamed to Pug

Playing with the Express framework on a Node.js project I was encouraged by Express's documentation to bootstrap my new project with the Jade templating engine. I'd never used Jade before but I liked what came out the box! Diving deeper and hungry for official documentation I searched the term "jade templating" on and¬†scanned my […]… Read more »
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6 May 2016

Run build tasks inside your VM or on the host?

I build websites working on a Windows (or Mac for some clients) computer¬†with a Linux virtual machine (spun up by Vagrant) running inside that contains the actual website files. Most web developers do something like this. But until last week I hadn't thought of running my NodeJS dev build tasks such as Grunt and Gulp […]… Read more »
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1 March 2016

The most hipster Github repo possible

I've challenged myself to make the most hipster repo possible! Tell me if you think my hipster tech stack can be improved?… Read more »
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