1 March 2016

The most hipster Github repo possible

I am currently going through the recruitment process, polishing up public repos to show off my best code. Rather enjoying the internal peace that comes with coding self-initiated projects for the sake of it I've challenged myself to make the most hipster repo possible! Hopefully whatever beard-oiled stack of technologies I toss together will give some of Bristol's CV-crunchers a little tech-boner and maybe put a smile on the face of some recruiters.

So here's what I've come up with...  A NodeJS (Express framework) back end, templated in Hogan, that uses an open-source package to poll the Twitter API for live content that is fed through to an animated WebGL interface constructed by JavaScript (and the THREE.js library) that was built using Broccoli and Babel to transpile ECMAScript ES2015. The whole lot will have 100% code coverage through unit testing and deployed using Jenkins and made publicly available on Github.

As there's no money in this project and hipsters are frugal I will publish it with a free hosting account on Open Shift and then ride my fixie bike down to the barbers to drink a craft ale and eat a meal that is either completely free of animal products or constructed entirely from meat, whatever the opposite of the neighbouring table is. Errgh.

Tell me if you think my hipster tech stack can be improved? Comment below.