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16 January 2017

Adventures in static site generation

Here's a fact: A static web page like 'about-me.html' is stored in a simple text file so when a browser requests it from the web server it just has to open the file and send the contents back. It's a pretty fast operation. But a dynamic page like 'about-me.php' contains code that needs to be pre-processed […]… Read more »
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14 October 2016

Fun with Drupal 8 and RaspberryPi

I have recently been working on a project for a local charitable organisation. I am building them a user-generated content site (in Drupal 8) that will receive it's content from a hand-held scanner (running on a RaspberryPi). The user stories are this: The Consumer: Ethically minded, tech-savvy individual is about to buy a second hand book […]… Read more »
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13 July 2015

What is the skv prefix and when to use it

JSON strongly binds the variable name and the variable value, making our code more robust. But I was frustrated by the lack of distinction between an object that could be safely JSONified and those that could not.… Read more »
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12 August 2013

Coldfusions cfDump / writeDump() for PHP

phDump is a PHP-equivalent of Adobe Coldfusion's excellent debugging feature, CFDump.  The screenshot above shows phDump neatly and clearly displaying the complicated nested data structure returned by Twitter's API. A visual tool like this makes it so much easier to understand during development. I built this to serve the niche group of developers (of which I am […]… Read more »
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