10 September 2015

Lightning talk at SWUX


I recently had the honour of presenting a 10 minute talk during the September lightning talks for the South West User Experience group (SWUX for short). The Bristol event happened on a Tuesday evening and featured a total of 6 talented speakers.

I presented on the subject of displaying large tabulated data (think spreadsheets) on small mobile screens. The talk had a little technical how-to demo and followed an overriding theme of keeping your big juicy technical features available to your users when redesigning your desktop site to work at mobile level. In other words, avoid the lazy gut instinct to just chop them out and tell yourself that people don't do difficult jobs on phones.

The feedback was positive with 1 audience member thanking me for giving him the confidence to keep fighting the cause with his current team who don't share his vision. In the days following several Twitterers requested my slide deck and examples which can be found on codepen.io/martinjoiner