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10 September 2015

Lightning talk at SWUX

The lightning talks are happening on a Tuesday evening in Bristol and will feature a total of 6 talks, each 10 minutes long.… Read more »
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20 July 2015

:invalid pseudo class works on form elements too!

Discovered this by accident and there seems to be very little coverage in the blogosphere so I thought I'd share. You're adding HTML5 validation on your input boxes now, right? And you're using styling to give the user helpful visual feedback, yeah? But did you know that when an input box inside a form is […]… Read more »
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27 October 2014

Responsive re-design damages ad revenue started as a desktop-only site, then it gained a mobile version hosted on the "m." subdomain, recently¬†I replaced both with 1 responsive version. Most interesting is the unexpected negative affect this has had on advertising revenue compared to the positive affect it has had on the¬†Google ranking. Obviously the new responsive site scores massively […]… Read more »