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23 May 2011

Woodcut Prints

I had a little dabble in the medium of woodcut print making last week. Using two offcuts of 12mm ply that I found near a building site and one of those 99 pence, red plastic cutting tools, I made this three-tone image of Chris Norton Walker. I love the roughness of it all; the visible […]… Read more »
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20 May 2011

Korben Dallas does Heath Ledger Joker graffiti commission

Why so serious? Heath Ledger's legendary portrayal of Batman character, the Joker has quickly become an icon of pop culture since Director, Christopher Nolan brought it to the silver screen in 2008. I was asked to paint a mural of the Joker by a local kid who had seen my graffiti and liked my style. I […]… Read more »
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13 May 2011

Korben Dallas – Summer Nudes – Male and female body mural

Just finished a new piece which I am very proud of.  It's the first time I've included two figures in an image.  This is part of my ongoing bid to built more narrative into my pieces.  I call this one Summer Nudes and it was inspired by a programme on BBC4 the other night.  The show was […]… Read more »
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15 April 2011

Korben Dallas paints comedian

Just finished a new piece.  A portrait of standup comedian and host of the weekly comedy night at the Brewhouse, Chris Norton Walker.  See for more of him.… Read more »
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7 April 2011

Gazette cover Taunton Graffiti by Korben Dallas

So the Somerset County Gazette have included my artwork in this week's issue. The photos, taken by local Val Budd were sent in to the paper as a public thank you message to the artist.  Thanks Val!  That's proper nice that is. I've got some really good ideas for paintings still to come, as well […]… Read more »
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2 April 2011

Monstercolors Vs Montana 94 Bemused Hmmm Face

Took some time to make the "Bemused Hmmm" face less cartoony and more photo-realistic.  It was my first piece since returning to painting and as such was not very good.  The patchiness of the fill-ins, the inconsistent colour of the two sides of the background and the annoying off-shape nostril had been bugging me for […]… Read more »
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1 April 2011

Korben Dallas does a big purple girl

The very beautiful Georgie modelled for this latest piece.  Photographed at the Brewhouse comedy gig on Monday night and immortalised in paint just 5 days later.  It took a while to get the Grrrr face right and I think it works.  Maybe a little more shadow under the left side of the brow is needed, […]… Read more »
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25 March 2011

Community supports Korben Dallas by clearing weeds

I was like a kid walking into the front room on his first Christmas.  My face slowly lit up in tentative delight as I realised someone had been along the entire wall where I have been painting, killing the weeds and sweeping the dirt up.  I spent today working on the green portrait of Tom, during […]… Read more »
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24 March 2011

Big Blue Face by Korben Dallas

I got busy with the blue today and my good friend Adam came and snapped this photo of me.  Cheers Adam!… Read more »
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20 March 2011

New Korben Dallas Graffiti in Taunton

I dropped another piece in Taunton this weekend and I am pretty damn proud (the brown one in the middle).  What d'ya think?… Read more »
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