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23 April 2012

Artists and venue needed for live art battle trial event in Taunton

Do you want to take part in a live art battle in this little old town of Taunton? I am planning this trial event with view to taking it on tour around the South West in the future. The rules are simple, 2 artists (or teams) going head to head in a 90 minute art battle, […]… Read more »
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28 November 2011

Plymouth University Artist residency

It's early days for my residency at Plymouth University. The students are still only just getting to realise that I am there and why the course even has an artist in residence. I moved into my large blank-walled studio space a couple of weeks ago and starting breaking up the visual silence with some quick, […]… Read more »
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10 November 2011

Absolute bliss. An empty schedule and a bottle of solvents.

* WARNING: SELF INDULGENT AND SENTIMENTAL BLOG POST * The most meditative thing I know how to do is spend an afternoon tidying my studio and cleaning my tools. This rare biannual occurrence feels like a free shopping spree as I refamiliarise myself with things I forgot I had. I found spray caps, pieces of […]… Read more »
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30 October 2011

Commissioned explosion painting detonated

Martin Det creates an explosion painting for a private commission. Rich blackcurrant and prussian blue exploded onto spectrum yellow. Oil paint on cotton canvas.  To see a video of the method visit… Read more »
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30 September 2011

Korben Dallas paints beautiful girl playing fetch like a dog

Grrrrr, said the girl as she gently tugged on the rope. Check out the detail on the eyelashes! Booyeah!… Read more »
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6 September 2011

New painting commission

I've got a commission for an explosion painting. The customer wants a bright yellow base with a rich plum and a dark blue exploded onto it. I am mixing the plum using Alizarin Crimson and French Ultramarine and I am using Prussian Blue for the dark blue. The base will be spectrum yellow. I am […]… Read more »
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26 August 2011

Korben Dallas speaks on BBC Somerset graffiti phone-in

This is pretty light-hearted stuff. A local radio show asked me to be a phone guest because of my involvement in local street art. I have edited the show down so that this MP3 only contains the 20 minutes that were about graffiti. Only really covers the first couple of pages of the dummy's guide […]… Read more »
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2 August 2011

Toon render 3D animation for current web client

I just wanted to show you this cool minimalist 3D animation, rendered with a thick toon style edge and shadeless faces. This is the product of a test to see how labour intensive it would be to create several of these sorts of animations. You see, tomorrow I am rebuilding and improving a client's interactive ordering […]… Read more »
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27 July 2011

The Sensation of Adam (yoga hands graffiti Taunton)

So I finished this piece today and I am bloody proud of it! It's called The Sensation of Adam (no prizes given for guessing which classical masterpiece this is an interpretation of). That is Adam you can see sitting down in the photo. He's the yogi who posed for the original reference material. I thought […]… Read more »
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19 June 2011

Blue Head Squidge Street Art Taunton

I painted this today. So what's it all about? Lets say some words... On the conceptual... With the subtle adjustment of scale between the hand and the head, I was hoping to evoke ideas relating to the power balance within a relationship. Hands and faces are two things we are incredibly attached to emotionally, often more […]… Read more »
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